LIVEOne of the big rocks of Crossfire Youth Ministry is that of Discipleship.

Every student needs to own their own Faith. They can not depend on the Faith of their Parents to get them through life. The statistics (~80%) are staggering when it relates to Young Adults leaving the church after they leave the care of their Parents.

At Crossfire we want to reverse statistics. We want teens to know the God they serve and to be have that intimate relationship with Christ that is so essential.

Each service will consist of “talks” that focus on specific character traits of Christianity. We want to raise a generation that knows what it truly means to follow Jesus. We are about surrender & commitment.

Teens need to know God’s Word. It has to come alive in their lives. We believe that God’s Word has the power to transform lives and spur them on to begin a revolution. We will not all this day to be a day in which their is a famine of God’s Word.

Join us every other Wednesday at Pastor Russ’ house for XP3 discipleship that will take you deeper than you ever dreamed off. We want to LIVE this life with each other as we serve GOD together. Please check the calendar section for all events.