Summer is here…I think…..

Welcome to Summer! Wow, it’s so cold!  The weather might not suggest it’s summer, but the calendar tells us it is.  We have just released our Summer schedule and we have some exciting things planned!  You can’t miss these events!  YB1 was phenominal and it was so good to see God do some amazing things in our youth ministry.  I just can’t wait for YB2.  Summer camps can be a turning point in your life.  I’ve seen so many lives changed at our camps, and I know God will do the same in your life, if you want it.  Let’s do our best to surrender our lives to HIM!  Let’s not get lazy in our walk this Summer.  Continue to read God’s Word and talk to him.  Summer time has the potential for us to dis connect, but let’s buck the trend and see our faith grow this summer.  We often sing songs and pray prayers of wanting more of God.  However, I really believe that God is wanting MORE of US.  He’s always available, wanting us to surrender to everything he has for us.

Let’s do our best this summer to connect with all of our school friends.  We have an amazing event in YC Labrador happening Sept 4-6.  Make sure you register and get all of your friends out this event.  Don’t forget to check out our “Summer Nights” events and make it a priority this Summer!

It’s Christmas

This fall has been a BLAST!  I’ve so loved getting to know all you peeps here at CROSSFIRE.  I am so excited for what God has in store for all of us.  Let’s never stop believing for the impossible to occur.  All we need to do is believe, do the natural, and God does the SUPERNATURAL.

It’s crazy that it is Christmas already.  Here at Crossfire, we have some exciting things happening.  Don’t forget our Christmas Social on Friday the 5th and be sure to be apart of our float in the Christmas parade on Saturday, December 6th. I know Christmas can be an extremely busy time, so busy that we often forget what Christmas is all about.  I challenge anyone who is reading this to be different.  Take some time to remember what Christ has done for you.  Put the love of Christ in action.  Do something for someone who really needs it.  Remember, it is better to give than to receive.  I am totally confident that if you decide to give, to love without limits, and to enjoy family and friends this Christmas, you will live out the true meaning of the season and find the peace that you long for.  In a cool way, you will feel Emmanuel, God with you!

Let’s do this! 2

I am so excited to be apart of this great youth ministry here in Labrador. God has been speaking to my heart about exciting things for the Teens of HVGB. I believe that we will see God do some amazing things in our lives and in the lives of our friends, and even those who are complete strangers to me. My passion is to see, the converted live a life that resembles the life of Jesus. Let’s be radical. Let’s be different. Let’s be real. Let us have a faith that is contagious. My prayer is that God will begin to challenge all of us on how we are living out our faith. If the converted live lives of complete surrender, than reproduction happens, and others will come to know Christ. In my humble opinion, Discipleship=Evangelism. You can’t be a true disciple without your life influencing others for the Kingdom. Jesus longs to become famous in your life, in your school’s, in your family and even on your sports team. But he wants your help. He wants you to promote him, to head up his campaign. The call is out there, how will you respond?